Thoriana at New trend in Project management Conference 2018 in Gdańsk

Almost twenty years have passed since the announcement of the "agile manifesto". Agile techniques and IT implementation models are extremely popular. The observation of the Polish market shows that in many companies in their daily work, the rules have not changed much for years.

How to reconcile Business with IT, what structural tools to use for the company to be agile so that Business and IT go hand in hand - these questions will be answered at the conference in Gdansk by Jakub Lesiński, CEO of Thoriana during the lecture: New ideas, old challenges - IT transformation in agile times.

Paweł Dudek will also perform at the conference. Co-worker and consultant at Thoriana will talk about changes in project management in small and medium-sized enterprises (Project Management and Change Management in Polish SME - lessons learned). In his speech, he will answer the questions whether small and medium enterprises are ready for change, what make family companies decide to employ Project Managers and what factors determine the success or failure of the process.

New Trends in Project Management Conference 2018 is organized by the Gdansk branch of the Project Managment Institute on April 23-24. This is going to be the seventh edition of the event. This year about 800 people will take part in it. For more information, visit