We have asked our co-workers to describe definition of Project Management from their personal point of view

What is Project Management? There is a lot of websites, trainings where you will find a straightforward definition. However when you depart from the theory and look at real projects, even those similar and managed using the same techniques, you may notice the difference. So what makes them so special? People. People creates team, requirements, relations. Combination of their personalities, abilities to cooperate, communicate, a good leadership, understanding each other and work this is what determines the direction of the project. As we value a freedom of choice and an open-mindedness we wanted to check what our co-workers think about the Project Management.

For some of them that is a way of running the team work in the way that allows achieve the goal in certain time and if it is managed well then the final product meet the client expectation. Different point of view shows Project Management as from the top to the bottom coordinated set of tasks leads to completion your aim which is developing or fixing things that does not work properly before starting the process. Sometimes it is just a work but for some people Project Management is a manner of living and passion. One of our colleagues said that he likes to observe when the chaos is changing under his influence and become an ordered stream of events. Project management is the a reality arranged in the way that things would happen!